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Hi! As it seems that this Easter we will not be able to go to the fantastic Canary Islands, why not make their most international dish at home?

I don’t write any mesure because is not necessary. Don’t be afraid with the quantity of salt, better more than less. They will get the salt they need. In this case i use 1kg potatoes and around 200 g salt or a big handful.


Small potatoes (if they are new, better)
Coarse salt


1.- Wash properly the potatoes.
2.- Put in a casserole with the salt and the lemon juice (you can leave the lemon inside)
3.- Add the water until 2/3, is not necessary to cover all up.
4.- Cover with a few kitchen paper or a clean cotton kitchen cloth. Put the lid on.
5.- Start to cook in a high power and when start to boil put down til medium.
6.- Cook until soft.
7.- Remove the water out and bring the potatoes again to the low heat stove for to dry.
8.- Remove the excess of salt and serve warm.